Monday, July 11, 2011

Where did June go?

How the bleep is it already July?

Summers used to be long and lazy, and full of adventures. This summer is busy, a bit hectic, but still full of adventures. I'm not saying I would trade a minute of it, but sheesh! I wish it would slow down. I spent all winter ancipating the summer and here it goes, flying by whenever I blink my eyes. Not to mention, every time I start to get a hint of a tan line, I can't get outside again and it goes away. There is no hope...

I spend a lot of time at work thinking of things to do outside of work. I google events, look up flights and train schedules, and send messages with my friends until my calendar looks like a kindergartener's coloring book. (See earlier post from April...) Thank goodness I have flexible people in my life.

Even though my pale Irish skin doesn't show signs of summer, my bank account sure does! I've decided that it is impossible to save money during the summer, there are simply too many good things to spend money on... Don't worry, I'll resume saving come September. But really, this time is precious, and at my age (23), no one really knows where they'll be in 6-12 months. This is the age where people re-locate for jobs, get married, move to big cities. I need to clock as much "friend time" as possible. Gosh, I really am an adult.

Also, Nikki the Nikon needs to make an appearance because I have practically zero summer photos! I checked my iPhone stash and this was the most recent. Don't ask me for an explainatin because I don't have one, but just so you know, the licesnse plate reads "ZEBRA," in case you needed a label...