Monday, November 26, 2012

Pink Door Facebook Facelift

My grandmother began volunteering for The Pink Door Thrift Shop a few years ago and that was when I first started frequenting the shop. I have always loved antiques so when my grandmother asks me to help, I gladly lend my services in hopes that I'll get paid in some sort of treasure!

Tonight the project was to help promote the Pink Door's Facebook page. Being 6 hours away from the storefront created a challenge but I quickly realized that I had a vast collection of thrifted treasures to photograph instead...

My goal is to encourage other Pink Door thrifters to contribute to the gallery and follow their page. The shopping is fun, but showing off your bargains is the real prize! 

Monday, November 19, 2012

langeneckert branding

Today I am excited to share the new brand I created for Langeneckert Homes. I created the logo, color palette, business cards and stationery. I could easily relate to this project because, much like my own family's business, Langeneckert Homes was passed down from one generation to the next. They are a small team of highly skilled craftsmen, powering through in the midst of unfortunate economic times.

The new logo keeps true to the family brand by keeping the column, but provides a stronger presence with the bold serif type. The three words "elegance, craftsmanship, integrity" are the promise of quality the Langeneckert company has been delivering for two generations.

The old logo (below) was comprised of a hand-drawn script overlapping a sturdy column. It was unfortunate to lose the custom script but we made the sacrifice in the name of legibility. We feel that the new logo will be more versatile overall; it will command attention and ground their (soon-to-be-updated) website, be easy to read even from the side of a truck, and still provide a formal presence on their stationery.

I love that the Langeneckerts decided on the vertical business card option - it is a blend of traditional and modern. It reinforces their design taste as classic yet still willing to take the necessary risks to have cutting-edge products. One of my favorite elements in the set, is the full bleed color on the back of the cards with motto. I think this new brand is sophistication at its best.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

time out

I bought this clock a few months ago at one of those Rummage Sales where you fill a grocery bag with as much as you can and the whole bag costs $3.00. I thought it was pretty cute but I soon realized that those tennis rackets make it hard to actually tell time from the other side of the room....

...So I took it apart, scanned it into Photoshop and designed my own version. When I watched my dad fix a clock a long time ago, I learned that clocks can be easy to take apart. Since then I have wanted to re-design one and here was the perfect opportunity! No money lost if I completely messed it up!

I love the way it turned out :)

Sunday, September 30, 2012

let your conscience be your guide

I LOVE the way these business cards turned out!

Front                                                Back

Book Club

When Joanna asked me to design her book cover I was thrilled! She wanted something feminine, modern and sophisticated to enclose her writing. We went through a number of drafts to get this perfect, final cover. This is the first cover I've ever done, and I can hardly wait to hold the final product in my hands!

The design sequence - 1st draft on the left, 2nd draft in the middle, and final design on the right

Thursday, March 22, 2012

flower power

I made something pretty for someone special.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

{3 Days of San Francisco in a Nutshell}

Ok, I went to San Francisco two weekends ago and I am just posting about it now... I've been a traveling crazy person lately - living out of a suitcase for three weeks in a row! First I moved to St. Louis, then pretty much the following weekend Ted took me to San Francisco and THEN the next weekend we drove to Chicago and back. I lost my toothpaste somewhere along the way. Luckily my cousins don't seem to be noticing that I've been borrowing theirs ;)  

Lava Bowl...
Anyway, San Francisco in a nutshell {AMAZING!} I could totally live there. Except for the part about walking up those ridiculous mountain/hills... If you are wondering why I took a vacation to California after being at my new job for hardly one full week, it's because Ted took me there for my birthday! He's the best! We left on Wednesday after work and after a quick layover in Chicago we arrived safely at our destination. 

On Thursday morning we were having breakfast and Ted said "Ok, just so you know, it's in my genes to plan vacations around food." I laughed, but he was serious. This trip really was a LOT of eating! Which is never a bad thing. :) That morning I had a  banana pecan pancake and Ted had a bagel with capers and onions at a cafe downtown. For lunch we had a "snack" of fried calamari at Fisherman's Wharf, and let me just say, that was not "snack" sized. Delish!! And for dinner that night we went to the highly recommended Wayfarer's Tavern which serves gourmet American food. We had oysters, I had macaroni, and Ted had fried chicken and a vegetable. After this we met up with Bill and Nicole, our hosts for the trip, at The Tonga Room for a drink. We shared a "Lava Bowl" and had a great night.  
Just a little something we found in Chinatown

On Friday we had breakfast at the hotel and headed to Chinatown for hours of exploring. We were total tourists, stopping to look at everything and take pictures. We asked a shop owner for a lunch suggestion and we headed up the street to a local favorite. Only about half of the items on the menu were translated into English, so we ordered what we recognized; hot and sour soup for Ted and pot stickers for me. Next time we will have to be brave and ask for the best item they have. After Chinatown we were ready for a fresh scene. We headed to the Ferry Building to explore, shop and, (not eat) but taste some local drinks! Ted had a beer and I had wine. Mmm :) After this we did some more shopping and went to meet Bill and Nicole for Sushi. I need them to help me remember some names of items and the restaurant, but we tried some fun and different dishes. The best part was that one roll, The Inferno, was delivered to our table on a flaming plate! Unfortunately, the flame was not for roasting sushi like a marshmallow (yes, we tried that), but rather for display purposes only. Afterward, we went out and met Bill and Nicole's friends, drank some more drinks, and laughed some more laughs. We pretty much closed the place down. 

Taste tests at the Ferry Building

My roomie!! xoxoxox
Saturday we woke up and went to brunch at "Eats," a really great place close to Bill's apartment. I had a waffle with bacon pressed inside it and Ted had chicken and waffles. A remarkably good combination! We then headed to pick up Megan Aimola in Haight Ashbury and continue our adventure. We walked through neighborhoods, a park, the pan-handle, and finally found Megan and stole her away from her other friends. :) We explored the Haight and the Mission and then went in search of an ice cream shop. This was not a regular ice cream shop though. They served flavors such as Green Curry, Butterbeer, Pepper Mint (not to be confused with peppermint, which is what I thought I was ordering) and something with bourbon and cornflakes. Anyway, you may think I'm crazy here, but these flavors were delicious! After the ice cream, I was exhausted so we headed to a park to relax. We found a grassy spot on the top of the hill to people watch and sit and chat. But not without stopping at the food truck which was selling delicious tacos! We all tried a little something and nibbled in the shade. I'm getting tired writing this part, so as you can imagine, by day 3 I was literally pooped. We went back to Bill's where he cooked us a delicious lentil soup and we had a wonderful dinner conversation. You would have thought we had all known each other for years! 

We went out for one last hoorah at an Irish bar and called it an early night. Ted and I had to get up at 4am for our shuttle to the airport, so we said our goodnights, gave big hugs, and promises to come back soon. San Francisco is a wonderful place! There are so many places I have yet to explore. Not to worry California, I'll be back again soon!