Friday, December 30, 2011

Mercer Continued

Hello Again – more to report from the North Woods!

Days two and three have been wonderful. Megan and Garrett arrived and we had a wonderful ham dinner to start us off. Most of our time has been spent in front of the warm fireplace, sharing stories. All while sipping on beer or wine, and eating cookies brought from home. One thing is for sure; no one will ever go hungry in this cabin.
Yesterday all four of us worked our tails off on the ice rink. Megan and I cleared the snow ourselves – this was a huge project seeing as we couldn’t get the snow blower to start and the rink was gigantic. Then Ted and Garrett flooded the rink that evening. So much work went into this rink! We were all exhausted and decided to go out for dinner. Cooking was simply not an option...

We went to the Cranberry Inn, which was highly recommended by the locals. It was quite good! Between the four of us we sampled the whole menu with steak, ribs, chicken marsala and walleye. And they had cranberry butter! These folks don’t mess around. After our bellies were full, we decided to venture to another local favorite; The Heart of the North. We had a few $1.25 Miller Lights and told some hilarious tales of the past and had a really great time. Regardless of the fact that we were the only paying customers there at 9:00 pm on a Thursday. It was really great.

We came home eager to get out on the ice, and that’s where we spent most of the afternoon. It’s still a little rough so we’ll probably need to flood the rink again tonight, but it was great! Now the men are out fishing and Megan and I are inside blogging, reading, and keeping the fire going. Just wait till tomorrow – the adventure we have planned for tonight should certainly be blog-worthy!

ta ta for now!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Greetings from the North Woods!

Hello! I am writing from my grandparents cozy cabin in the Wisconsin north woods. Ted and I are here anxiously awaiting the arrival of Garrett and Megan who are coming in from Michigan. We're hoping that some more friends will be coming up from McHenry, too!! (After seeing these photos they'll be crazy not to come.)

So here's the scoop: We got in last night and Ted immediately started the fire. We unpacked, made dinner and went to sleep early (Ted needed to wake up early to ice fish... and that's where he's been all day) He will have to post about his catch of the day. I hope it isn't the 4 inch perch I saw him reel in this morning... That would be one unhappy fisherman...

We are wearing our flannel and planning to cook a ham dinner tonight! There is a constant flow of flurries out the window and my fingers are crossed for more. I'm hoping Ted will get sick of fishing and come ice skating with me soon... Ok, yeah right, I can't wait for another girl to arrive.

More posts and photos to come!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

These are the Christmas Cards I mailed to my faraway college friends! 

I used colored paper scraps from the bridal shop, cut into slices, and glued together for a funky different texture. These were way more work than I originally anticipated, so don't feel left out if you didn't get one, lol. If you try this technique at home, have the slices professionally cut! 

What I was realizing as I was addressing things to Washington D.C., Washington State, New Jersey, California, Missouri, Michigan, Wisconsin, and all over the Chicagoland area, is that my friends are COOL. And I have a LOT of traveling and visiting to do! Even though we are far away for the holidays, I was glad to mail them something special. :)

Holiday Cheer :)

Hello Friends!

So sorry for the lack of blogging this month but I'm about to catch up! I've been using my unemployment time to my advantage, (well, most of it anyway...) I've been creating fabulous things. My mother brought home a vintage desk that I've turned into my workstation

Now presenting to you, my miniature paper tree! Everything on this tree is a handcrafted paper decoration. I'm excited to finally show it off!

The tree is only about 3' and is a light champagne color - in natural light it has a vintage look. And it is a little bit crooked, oh well, adds character. I also stitched up the tree skirt from some fabric and trim scraps I found in the ole basement. I just had a lot of fun with this... working on it whenever I had a spare moment... in between job applications, interviews, and traveling. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!