Friday, January 13, 2012

Card Me

In todays world of social media, texting and email, many elements of a designers job are being, well, re-arranged. What used to be print based, like postcards, letterhead, mailings and annual reports, are now becoming internet based. I get it, internet advertising is less expensive, less maintenance, and overall more effective. But one thing that seems to be retaining its print value in the millennium is the business card.

A few reasons why I think business cards are still popular:
      1.     they are cute and fun to hand out
      2.     they signify professionalism
      3.     they fit in our miniature clutches, wallets and clips
      4.     they aren’t a pain to keep around, they fit in rolodex’s, organizers or old watch containers.
      5.     they look great on your desk
      6.     they make you feel like you know a lot of important people
      7.     they’re actually quite helpful –clean, to the point, and just plain wonderful
      8.     they are the best way for people to give their contact information, whether it be just a phone number or their life story. Only a business card can fit office, cell, home, fax, address, second address, email, second email, screen name, website, portfolio, blog, twitter, and Facebook URLs without looking cluttered and confusing!

      In the past year or so, I’ve started my own business card collection. I am always on the lookout for great designs to keep in my stash. My collection is small right now with just over 50 beautiful cards, but it will grow!! Send me your card if you think it’s really great and is not pictured below!! J