Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Interviewing Dilemmas

I have been unemployed for exactly two months today so in honor of that great achievement, I thought I'd share this little tale with you:  

Chapter First: Arrival 
The morning of an interview is always a rush. "Why didn't I do __ in advance?" "Do I look good enough, is that a hole in my tights?" "Do I have enough change for the bus?" So there is never enough time for brewing coffee or even popping a pop tart, so breakfast at the train station, $6.45. Swipe. Everything is more expensive in Chicago, everything is also a lot farther away than I think... So here comes the dry cleaner bill because not only did I speed walk the 5 blocks to the interview, but that $4.00 coffee just spilled down my $200.00 J. Crew blazer. (Yes, all events taken from real life encounters.) Luckily I always carry an ample supply of Kleenex in my pocket, so now picture this - little white fuzzes all down my blazer. The homeless man on the corner was laughing so hard that he didn't even ask me to buy a copy of Streetwise. Ok, I'm finally here. 

Chapter Second: Interviewing 
I technically can't spend money during an interview but somehow I manage. Once the interview is over, I hand them my leave-behind. Being a designer, this is one of the most important parts - the only piece of your portfolio that you leave them with. So naturally, I spent $60.00 on enough paper and envelopes for 25 interviews - and that was with my employee discount! So each leave-behind is worth practically $10.00 because God help me if I have to go on 25 interviews. 

Chapter Third: Homeward Bound
So now I have to tromp my sweaty, dirty butt back to the train station and I am parched! All of that walking and talking about myself, I need water!! $2.00 for a bottle - why do I love Chicago again? Ugh, come to think of it, it will be 2:00pm before my 12:30 train gets me home so I might as well get a sandwich with that water, wait, that thing is tiny, give me some chips too! $10.00... 

Next stop, the ticket window. I used my last 10-Ride punch on the way in. $51.00 between my stop and Ogilvy, what a deal! That's 20% off the price of individual tickets and you can share it! As it turns out, I don't want to share it... 

So now I am sitting on the Metra thanking to goodness that I can't spend any more money for at least an hour and a half, until I remember that I have a smart phone and a credit card and a new Rue La La boutique just opened. And since now I'm angry I should buy myself some discounted designer to cheer myself up. Needless to say, I bought a new purse and didn't get the job...