Thursday, November 17, 2011

Road Trip Diaries; Day 3

Day Three: (11/08/11) We wake up early and leave before the sun rises – unfortunately we were driving east, but we managed to avoid the sun in our eyes. By the time we got back to the “Welcome to Montana” sign, the sun was just coming up. It was a magic moment, we had searched all around the sign and were starting to drive further up the road slowly with our eyes peeled, and we found it!! It was another moment of excited screaming, arm waving, pulling over, and running to the middle of the road. My tiny brown Coach wallet was sitting there on the yellow line, all puffed out from being run over by a car. The zipper was broken but it was still intact. All of the cards inside the wallet were crushed into tiny pieces but somehow my drivers license and debit card, which had been tucked in the outside pocket of the wallet had flung out and were lying in the grass a few feet away, unharmed. Is that a miracle or what? I think God was telling to give up on credit cards. We spent a few minutes rejoicing and then headed back on our way!

For some reason, our GPS took us on the scenic route through Montana rather than staying on 94. We took Montana 200 on a more northern route across the state. We are convinced that this route has much prettier views, steeper hills, and sharper turns. Let’s just say that there were points when I was driving where my knuckles were white and my palms were sweating, and I thought, this is the reason why there aren’t many cars on this road. Anyway, we got some amazing photos and saw the best views.

This is what I saw when I closed my eyes at night.
We then  drove to Missoula, Montana where we were staying with Lauren’s friend, coincidentally also named Lauren, her boyfriend BJ, and their three-legged dog, Kona. They have a tiny, cozy house and they made us feel right at home. Lauren #2 made us tortilla soup and we drank wine and we shared stories for a few hours. We told them all about our trip and they told us about being stalked by mountain lions. (It’s true! You have to hear the story from them, it’s crazy!) So all was going great! Until about 1am when I couldn’t sleep – which is not normal for me – and my tummy was doing summersaults. Let me spare you the details, but just know that I didn’t sleep much seeing as I spent most of the night in the bathroom. Ick. How on earth did I get sick? Some things are a mystery.