Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Greetings from the North Woods!

Hello! I am writing from my grandparents cozy cabin in the Wisconsin north woods. Ted and I are here anxiously awaiting the arrival of Garrett and Megan who are coming in from Michigan. We're hoping that some more friends will be coming up from McHenry, too!! (After seeing these photos they'll be crazy not to come.)

So here's the scoop: We got in last night and Ted immediately started the fire. We unpacked, made dinner and went to sleep early (Ted needed to wake up early to ice fish... and that's where he's been all day) He will have to post about his catch of the day. I hope it isn't the 4 inch perch I saw him reel in this morning... That would be one unhappy fisherman...

We are wearing our flannel and planning to cook a ham dinner tonight! There is a constant flow of flurries out the window and my fingers are crossed for more. I'm hoping Ted will get sick of fishing and come ice skating with me soon... Ok, yeah right, I can't wait for another girl to arrive.

More posts and photos to come!