Friday, December 30, 2011

Mercer Continued

Hello Again – more to report from the North Woods!

Days two and three have been wonderful. Megan and Garrett arrived and we had a wonderful ham dinner to start us off. Most of our time has been spent in front of the warm fireplace, sharing stories. All while sipping on beer or wine, and eating cookies brought from home. One thing is for sure; no one will ever go hungry in this cabin.
Yesterday all four of us worked our tails off on the ice rink. Megan and I cleared the snow ourselves – this was a huge project seeing as we couldn’t get the snow blower to start and the rink was gigantic. Then Ted and Garrett flooded the rink that evening. So much work went into this rink! We were all exhausted and decided to go out for dinner. Cooking was simply not an option...

We went to the Cranberry Inn, which was highly recommended by the locals. It was quite good! Between the four of us we sampled the whole menu with steak, ribs, chicken marsala and walleye. And they had cranberry butter! These folks don’t mess around. After our bellies were full, we decided to venture to another local favorite; The Heart of the North. We had a few $1.25 Miller Lights and told some hilarious tales of the past and had a really great time. Regardless of the fact that we were the only paying customers there at 9:00 pm on a Thursday. It was really great.

We came home eager to get out on the ice, and that’s where we spent most of the afternoon. It’s still a little rough so we’ll probably need to flood the rink again tonight, but it was great! Now the men are out fishing and Megan and I are inside blogging, reading, and keeping the fire going. Just wait till tomorrow – the adventure we have planned for tonight should certainly be blog-worthy!

ta ta for now!